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created: 12 Jun 2020; modified: 12 Jun 2020; status: in-progress

In June 2020 I created a patreon to help fund our work:

Top Supporters

June 2020 Goal: $89 out of $50! Thank you all so much!! I didn’t expect this at all. :)

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  1. Thank you, l4rz! It’s great to have you as my seventh patron. Your stylegan work is awesome and I hope everyone recognizes it!
  2. Thank you, is8ac! I’m happy to have you as my third patron.
  3. Thank you, goolulusaurs! I’ll always remember your support – and that you were my first patron. Your name sounds cool too.
  4. Thank you, Viktor Alm! I appreciate that you’ve become my second patron. I hope to visit Sweden one day!
  5. Thank you, T.Regex! You’ve become my fourth patron. I really appreciate your support!
  6. Thank you, Richard Hall! You’ve become my fifth patron. You’re awesome!
  7. Thank you, Guillermo Valle! You’ve become my sixth patron. I like your twitter, and I noticed you’ve been following me for some time. I’ll rememmber that!
  8. Thank you, Key Kitsune! You’ve become my eighth patron. It’s been cool chatting with you in Discord, and I really appreciate your contributions to tagpls.
  9. Thank you, sifbuilder! You’ve become my ninth patron. I’m deeply grateful!
  10. Thank you, AstraliteHeart! You’ve become my tenth patron. I like your work, and I look forward to seeing it launch!
  11. Thank you, Aydao! You’ve become my twelfth patron. You’ve been so incredibly helpful in more ways than I could possibly list: your experiments are fascinating, you have tons of great ideas, and you’ve done so much to help Tensorfork succeed. It’s been wonderful to work alongside you, and you’re so much fun to work with that I can’t help but be excited every day!

Twitter: @theshawwn
HN: sillysaurusx
Discord: ML Community

Alternatively, consider contributing to other ML researchers like arfafax and gwern.